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Student holding card

Prepaid cards and a family finance app for kids, teens, and parents.

More than money.
A financial education.

Keep kids on budget. Spend safely online and in stores. Track chores and odd jobs. Automate allowances. Encourage saving. Inspire charitable giving.

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Keep kids on budget.

Student holding card

Spend safely online and in stores.

FamZoo card

Track chores and odd jobs.

Chore checklist screenshot

Automate allowances.

Allowance screenshot

Encourage saving.

Compound interest screenshot

Inspire charitable giving.

Charitable giving screenshot

Flexible features for all families.

Simple steps to solid habits.


Set up subaccounts to give every dollar a purpose.

Split account allocation screenshot

Create incentives to reinforce behaviors consistent with your values.

Compound interest chart

Develop good habits together through regular, hands-on practice.

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Why choose FamZoo?

Our youth financial literacy mission comes first. We invented the first educational prepaid card product. We pioneered unique features like parent-paid compound interest, child loan tracking, reimbursement requests, family billing, and much more.

FamZoo has more educational features than any other prepaid card product. It is the family FinLit card.

If you want your child to learn money habits that match your values, you’re in the right place.

We never ask for and we never store your private bank account or debit card information for reloading purposes. Instead, you always send funds to your FamZoo card accounts from the security of your private online banking or digital wallet service.

That way, nobody — not a fraudster, not even a clever kid — can ever drain your main bank account using FamZoo. Just. Not. Possible.

Also, any funds held in FamZoo are FDIC insured and secured by MasterCard®’s Zero Liability policy for unauthorized purchases.

Whenever you contact FamZoo, you get an expert who knows the product inside and out, understands the challenges of parenting first hand, and is empowered to solve your problem.

No robots. No third-party call center.

We do not outsource, short staff, or undervalue customer service.

We’ve been delivering cards to families since 2013, longer than any other company in the family prepaid card market.

We are privately held, self funded, and self-sustaining. That means no venture capitalist or stock market is going to force us to prioritize growth over service and education.

We never market to kids or teens — just parents. In fact, we rarely advertise at all. Instead, we rely on recommendations from existing parents like these.

Our “growth hack” is treating all families with respect and kindness.

No bank account? No problem. We serve all families, not just families with bank accounts. You can reload FamZoo cards with cash at a participating retailer or via direct deposit from a government agency.

Your youngster doesn’t need a smartphone to use FamZoo. Yes, of course we have mobile apps for iPhone and Android. But, family members can also access FamZoo from any device — desktop, laptop, or mobile — using any modern browser. You can even access FamZoo via text message.

Our subscription fee is per family. Period. There are no limits on family members or cards. So, the bigger the family, the better the deal.

And families of all sizes benefit from our deeply discounted pay-in-advance plans. Compare and save.

Running short of funds when payments are due to the kids? We’ve got your back.

Our unique card IOU system automatically tracks any shortfalls in allowance, parent-paid-interest, or other family payments and repays the IOUs as soon as you’re able to add enough funds.

We keep up with missed payments, so you never let your kids down.

Top rated. Award winning.

I have found it supremely convenient to implement regular allowance, transfer funds to kid accounts when needed, set up rewards for chores, encourage saving through adding interest to savings account. Any time there has been a question there is a response with an effective remedy — usually within minutes! Very satisfied!


Hello, I just wanted to send you a message and tell you what a wonderful thing you developed here with FamZoo! My kids are learning how to manage their money, give money and save money. I spend less money on things that they request that they may not have bought if they used their own money. I love FamZoo and I tell everybody I can about you. Your customer service is without a doubt A+. The money managing aspect of this for children is out of this world! I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Lynne N.

This is a GREAT APP!!! I had to move to FamZoo when my previous provider, Green something, did an update which left my family unable to access funds in our accounts, they offered no online options and said I would have to upgrade the family’s phones. I found a way to withdraw our funds without getting new phones and went looking for a new provider of similar services. I found FamZoo. FamZoo has an online presence with a full function website, the APP provides all the essentials. Wonderful!

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Prepay and save.

Pay each month.
1 month free trial.
Switch to prepay anytime.
Prepay $25.99 for 6 months.
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Save $9.95 or 27%.
Prepay $39.99 for 12 months.
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Save $31.89 or 44%.
Prepay $59.99 for 24 months.
Plus extra free month.
Save $83.77 or 58%.

All subscription fees are per family. Period.

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Expert advice.

Bill Dwight profile picture
Bill Dwight, Founder

Looking for expert advice on how to raise financially capable kids?

I have compiled a collection of my favorite family finance tips over the years.

See 350+ tips

Turn tips into action with FamZoo.


FamZoo also earns bonus points for the granularity of the F.A.Q. on its website, which bestills my dorked-out heart for the way it anticipates nearly every use (and misuse) case. Test out any start-up [or company] you’re considering by sending a message with a question to see what kind of response you get.

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